Thursday, March 12, 2009

Reusable shopping bags

I've made it my mission to stop throwing away plastic grocery bags. However, I'm not planning to carry all my groceries in my arms. I'll probably end up buying the cheapy weepy bags from my local grocery store but I couldn't help myself from looking at all the cute reusable bags available now.

These are from CYMA and look a lot like the bags available at the grocery store but don't have the blaring advertisements. The colors do a few favors for the overall appearance as well.

These adorable little balls by Flip and Tumble are easy to store anywhere for those unexpected trips to the grocery store.

Martha came out with this cute do-it-yourself idea, perfect for teachers or going to the library.

Kenneth Cole makes this statement bag. Reads: "Use Me, Again and again and again... (I'm used to it)" When I saw it at Macy's I just had to take a photo of it, too funny!

Anya Hindman's bags are so not plastic but are instead very trendy (which correlates to higher price as well). Pin It Now!

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