Monday, August 31, 2009


Out of a package of double-stacks, you're a triple-stack.

Hope your Monday is special, just like you!
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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Venturing outdoors

It's a rather gloomy day in The Woodlands but at least it keeps the heat down! I decided to venture out into the backyard to photograph some of the vegetation. I can't wait to get a house of our own so that I can plant some of the beautiful flowers that grow in this zone. Until then, this neighbor's hibiscus, peeking through the fence, will have to do.

These are not quite as pretty as the hibiscus but I love the rich green color that they give our otherwise dead backyard. Hopefully, very soon we will have lush green grass covering up all the dirt!

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pure exhaustion

This is one pooped out puppy. A simple 2 mile walk in the morning will result in this for the remainder of the day. This has to be one of the best things about moving to Texas. Previously, Java was a go-go-go dog, now the heat just takes it all out him. Awesome. Pin It Now!

Good tip

Ok, I know this is not a pretty topic and the pictures are far from beautiful, but this is a tip that has helped me immeasurably. Try this out the next time you make a meal that calls for ground beef, so much easier than precariously draining the meat with the pan lid and better for you than keeping all that oil in your meals.

Line a wide bowl with a layer or two of tin foil. Follow the shape of the bowl and leave extra tin foil hanging over the edges.

Place a colander over the bowl and tinfoil, then simply dump your cooked ground beef into the colander. You can let it sit there for a few minutes while you prepare other things or you can lightly press the meat along the bottom of the colander.

Lift up the colander and look at all that oil that isn't in your meal or down your sink!

Fold it up into a neat little pouch and pop it in your freezer for a tidy package that doesn't mess up your trash. So easy!

P.S. If you're making pasta in the same meal don't wash out the colander, the little bit of left over grease helps to keep your pasta from sticking.
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Monday, August 24, 2009

Triptych art

Triptych art has always been a favorite of mine. It's very modern and good things always come in threes! The space I'm currently trying to find some art for is above our low-lying bed which is in a large room with a vaulted ceiling.

I thought that a triptych art collage would be perfect and they are often easy to find. If you're feeling artsy, you could even make a set using 3 stretched canvases and some paint. I've heard of using leftover wall paint from other rooms to tie everything together; too bad I gave away all my extra paint before we moved! (Luisa, if I show up at your house with 3 canvases at Christmas time don't be surprised.)

Wooden triptych by Lisa at

Colorful triptych by artist Sondra N. Arkin.

A very modern, blue triptych by artist Hannah Biggs.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Come and visit

Get ready for a little dose of shameless, new city, come-and-visit-me, self promotion.

As you already know, I have left my cutest little house in town and have moved across the country to live in Texas. My new city is The Woodlands, not be confused with just Woodlands. This city was named perfectly! All you see as you drive down any street are trees because of the unique laws of this city. Along main roads there is a 25 foot eavesment for natural foliage, no trees can be cut down without a permit. No building can be taller than the tree line (except for one, see picture below). And the best law is that no business can advertise along the street using anything other than a small, painted, wooden sign... no more sensory overload! Although it is harder to find businesses, all these laws make for a beautiful drive no matter where you are going.

This is tallest building in The Woodlands, it holds many business offices and is right next to the highway at the entryway to the city. Makes it very easy to know where you are on the highway since you can spot it from miles away.

This is the Waterway which r
uns through the mall and business center of The Woodlands, very beautiful at night. Pin It Now!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Texas house

Ok, found a few extra minutes... here's some snapshots of our Texas house.

Our entryway console, closet and living room peeking from the right. Dining room is to the left.

Our big dining room and teeny dining table. I feel change a comin'!

This pic is taken from the dining room table, looking into the kitchen and living room shining through under the cabinets. Entryway is to the right.

This pic is taken from the kitchen counter top, looking into our HUGE living room with sliding glass door out into the backyard.

Looking back toward the kitchen from the center of the living room, dining room is peeking out from under the cabinets.

Another view from the living room, looking toward the front entryway (on right) and hallway (on left) which leads to the bedrooms and baths.

Guest bathroom. Sorry, the master bath is too messy to photograph right now!
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Back online, at last

Finally, I can use the internet without stealing from the neighbors! I promise to keep you updated on our new digs, just give me a few days to get everything settled down. I'm looking forward to catching up on all my favorite blogs, see you all in a few days! Pin It Now!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Moving shenanigans

Yet another day in the life of a mover. Today I started to tackle the kitchen with the help of my mother in law and sister in law. Kitchen goodies and pampered chef galore in there! You never realize just how much stuff is packed away into far, out of reach cabinets until you need to pack away the tin which is just inches out of reach and you have no chair or step stool... good thing I'm good at balancing on a wobbly little trash can.

Another adventure for me today was canceling services, one of which happens to be Comcast (my arch nemesis). Here's how it goes:

  • I call the toll free number from my cell phone, select the numbers for "canceling service".
  • Put on hold... "Please wait while the next available blah blah blah."
  • Hold
  • Hold
  • Hold
  • I hold for 50 minutes, the phone is burning up my ear, I'm pacing, packing things here and there.
  • I then decide to call the toll free number using a different phone and select the numbers for "UPGRADING SERVICE".
  • I get to talk to a person in less than 5 seconds!
I don't think I could accurately describe to you the conversation that I had with the customer service representative. Lots of me yelling hysterically, venting 50 minutes of built up frustration, and her ending our conversation with "You're all set", click.

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Sunday, August 2, 2009

It's party time

Boxes, boxes, and more boxes! We now have little piles all over the house.
Just about everything is boxed except for the kitchen and a few things straggling here and there. Today is our big moving party... best idea I ever heard (thanks Becky!).

I knew that I wanted to have one last party but I also knew that we needed to start packing; with those two ideas combined, my normal clean freakishness went out the window. I'm rolling up the rugs today, taking out the paper plates and plastic cups, shoes are a must, and let the dust bunnies come out!

Wish us luck in fitting everything into a 17 foot Uhaul!
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