Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Baby Book

I received our little girl's baby book in the mail yesterday and I couldn't be happier with it.  I searched high and low for the perfect book and finally turned to Etsy.  Then, I found the store of Edna Mae and fell in love with her designs.  She handmakes her covers and designs her pages on heavy card stock of the best quality.  What I like about her books is that they are customizable and easy to arrange however I want because of the three-hole design.  She has even more options on her webpage, www.ModernBabyBooks.com.

 I decided on the gray cover and Whimsy Pink pages.

 The colors are perfect for a little girl!

 I love this page for marking down the milestones.

So many pages for writing down memories.  What you can't see are the pale blue gridlines on each page, handy for staying straight and steady! 

 I placed this in the book already.  I can hardly wait to fly back up to Michigan!

I am going to share a little more about how extremely spoiled I was by my room moms this year.  These blankets were part of the diaper cake that I received.  I was shocked and amazed to see that these are not just any blankets, they are hand stitched and embroidered blankets!  I could hardly believe it when I started undoing that beautiful present; both Estevan and I were blown away by the love and dedication it took to make these. 

Unbelievable details.  I will treasure these!
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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Flowers in bloom

I'm very slowly getting back into gardening in our new house.  It's a big job and it often overwhelms me to think about where to start.  There are so many places where I can plant flowers that it's just too much to handle.  I seriously need to narrow my focus.  I snagged some $2 plants from Lowe's at the end of last season after we had finished up the hardscape around the pool.  So far, only 6 plants but it was a start.

This agapanthus is just beginning to flower.  I'm not really sure what all the plants will end up looking like because this is the only one with many small flowers; the others are sprouting tall buds.  I love how this plant resembles the allium plants that I adored in Lansing.

I am amazed that we built this hardscape ourselves.  We had all the stone already in the yard, we just moved it to this new location to help build up the backside of the pool decking.  It was a tough job but it was so worth the effort.  The company that we hired to lay sod asked us who we hired to do that job, they told us that their company would have charged us $3,000 to do all that.  Jackpot!

We have big plans for this area behind the water feature.  It's just weed infested mulch right now but soon we will have small palms and bird of paradise flowers.  Very tropical!  Again, we had those stones lying around.  It took us about an hour of silent work time to figure out an arrangement and lay them all together.  Estevan and I work very well as a team, it's funny that we often don't even have to talk when we have one goal in mind.

We just need to figure out what to plant here.  We arranged  the stones and laid down mulch but so far, no plans.  It's fairly shaded back here and so far we only have some pink crepe myrtles and one ligustrum.  I'm thinking that we need a thicker layer of mulch to cut down on the amount of weeds popping through.  But at least we only spent $500 on mulch for both the front and back yards, labor included.  I'm sure that as the years go by it will continue to get thicker and more weed proof.

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Friday, April 12, 2013

I have an announcement...

I'm having a baby!  My husband and I are expecting a little baby girl in August, we are thrilled!  We've been very busy lately getting the house ready and painting the nursery.  I promise to post pics of the nursery once it's finished; there's only one coat of paint so far and a simple day bed.  For now, here is a picture of the cute little girl, herself.

Have I told you yet how sweet my class is this year?  Well, they are the kindest and most loving kids I have ever met.  What makes it even better is that their parents are equally as sweet.  Three of my room moms surprised me today with a gorgeous diaper cake.

I started tearing up when they walked in, I was so surprised!  What is even sweeter is that it was made by the mom who is moving away.  Her daughter is the most precious little girl, I will miss her dearly.  This mom spent weeks making this gift while also preparing to move across the country. How thoughtful is that?!  I later heard from our secretary that this wonderful woman made the blankets herself because she "couldn't find the right color combinations in the store."  She literally hand stitched some and sewed all the rest.  Incredible!  Check out the details that she added...

I didn't even remember telling her the colors of our nursery, she was so slick.  She nailed the color scheme that we have chosen.  Dead on.
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