Tuesday, March 3, 2009

La Fleur Debris

I was browsing through my favorite crafty blogs and a few new ones looking for some inspiration and came across this adorable little flower craft on Heather Bailey's website. Those of you who have ever received a gift from me know that I love to put a lot of love into presenting them. I may need to alter my usual wired-ribbon routine to incorporate these beautiful blooms!

The following how-to blurb is quoted directly from Heather's website.

"Looking for a quick stocking-stuffer idea? I cut two
flower shapes out of felt and stitched a running-stitch around their perimeters. I drew up the stitches on the top-most felt flower to curl and rumple the edges. Then I stacked on slubby wool yarn, a vintage fabric yo-yo, a slitted circle of wool felt and a fun little button. With a pin on the back, it's a perfect bit of pizazz for a winter coat or a holiday sweater." Pin It Now!

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