Sunday, March 15, 2009

Old Window Greenhouses

I've been poking around one of my favorite gardening sites, GardenWeb, this morning and found some really useful ideas for re-using old windows. I like re-using old things for new purposes and I REALLY like saving money! Here are just a couple of ideas for using old windows, I'm hoping to add some more later today when my internet connection gets a little faster (I loath Comcast).This is a very simple greenhouse from Mao Tse Mom from Ohio, no frills but gets the job done during the summer. It's completely made out of old windows, the same kind of windows in my house! This gives me even more inspiration to re-do our windows... if only I had a bigger back yard to build this adorable greenhouse. More pictures and details here.

This is my dream greenhouse! Wyndyacre from Ontario, Canada wrote this little snippit about it: "We used salvaged windows for the glass, salvaged doors, an old deck for 1/2 the floor and the other half is discounted paving stone. The walls that aren't glass are insulated and the north side of the roof is insulated and asphalt shingles. Several back and side windows open, I tie the doors open and there is an automatic venting window in the roof near the ridgeline."

Here's a simply-made coldframe she attached to the back of her greenhouse. You can find more photos and details about this greenhouse here.

Okay, so this one isn't using old windows but it is so beautiful I just couldn't resist putting some pictures up! PabloVerde from Atlanta, GA put these up on GardenWeb. I could see using re-furbished cedar boards from an old deck to build the shelving.
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  1. I just went to the nursery today to get more involved in gardening.My backyard is so small but I want to make it a little oasis.


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