Thursday, September 30, 2010

Check out my room!

My last post was started last week and I lost track of time.... imagine that.  Sorry.  I'm trying as hard as I can to keep on top of this little blog and I thoroughly enjoy having this little outlet to share about my move from fourth grade to kindergarten.  Thanks for staying with me through all this mess!

Now on to some pics of my new room.  It's just 2 weeks old and already looking SO cute... I'm obnoxiously proud of it.
 Everyone keeps coming in my room to check out the lanterns.  Found them in the $1 bins at Michael's.  

 Significantly smaller Word Wall than my word wall in fourth grade.  Yatsee!

 Mailboxes, play area, and reading rug.

 Free stuff from the other kindergarten teachers.  I LOVE my team!

 I'm the first at my school to bring this idea to the table.  These are E-Instruction clickers which are assigned to specific students for testing purposes.  I cut a shoe organizer in half (so the little ones could reach on their own) and numbered each pocket.  Pretty nifty, right?

 My little bitty desk area in the far corner.  I'm never at it... seriously, I've never even sat there.

 Reading rug.  I traded lots of stuff with the teacher who took over my last room.  This rug, rocking chair, and little reading pillows were hers.  Aren't they the sweetest things?

 My carnivorous plant.

 Look what it caught!!!!  
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Kindergarten, what?!

I am still in shock. 

S  H  O  C  K

Last week I learned that I was being transferred from one school to another and from one grade to another.  And not just a little transfer in grades, I'm talking from one end of the spectrum to the other.  I'm now a KINDERGARTEN teacher!  My old school hired too many first grade teachers but I was the last one hired so I was transferred to a school that needed a kindergarten teacher and a first grade teacher from my old school took over my old fourth grade class.  Make sense?  I know, it doesn't make a whole ton of sense to me either. 

Even though my fourth grade students miss me very much, I keep receiving emails from them, I know that they are very happy with their new teacher and I'm UNBELIEVABLY more happy as a kindergarten teacher!  I had no idea how much I was missing the little ones and all the adorable things that I can do with them.  Crafts, paints, picture books, oh my!

I am literally on pins and needles waiting for Christmas crafts to come around, not to mention all the cute falls crafts I can make right now.  I did a little browsing around one of my favorite blogs, One Pretty Thing, and came across these SUPER CUTE and easy crafts.  Click on the pics to follow the links.

Plaster spoon bugs.

Pipe cleaner finger puppets.

Hand print spider!
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Sunday, September 5, 2010

First Weeks of School

What a great first two weeks of school!  Everything is unbelievably busy but I'm actually still alive and doing well.  I'm so glad that my second week was better than my first week... if we keep up this pace, I should be sitting very pretty by the end of the year!  So proud of my kids.

I am also very proud of this board outside my classroom!  I made the tree leaves out of sheets of foam in two shades of green.  The sheets of foam come in large, rectangular sheets and I cut them out in random, wavy cloud shapes.  I then glued them together on the ground and, when they were FINALLY dry, I stapled them up on the wall.  The trunk is made from brown paper and the picket fence is made from white foam sheets.  I'm a huge fan of foam sheets!!!
I love having groups, although the kids have to search for their desk every morning because I'm still playing around with their seating arrangements.  I'll get it figured out soon.

My desk!  So happy I could hang my "Welcome Friends" flag, it used to be hanging outside the front door of our old home. 

Every day I place extra copies of papers in these folders.  Makes taking care of make-up work easy!

I love these pens, so easy to make and they look so pretty.  Plus, I get them back every time!
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