Monday, June 27, 2011

The cutest little house in town GREW UP!

We are going to be home owners again!  After two years of renting and saving like we've never saved before, this is the payoff.  Boy, oh boy, is this an improvement from our current apartment!  My dad says that I should change the name of my blog, seeing as how this is definitely not a little house.  However, I'm still madly in love with the name and will be keeping it.  I'm going to be tackling this home the same way I tackled the projects in our last home, my style has not changed and I will still carry on many of the cute little house attributes that made our last home so cozy.  

I will be changing over to WordPress, though, for ease of use and functionality with an iPad.  Since buying my iPad, I dread turning on my eight year old laptop and blogging has definitely taken a back seat because of that.  Plus, I'm sure that I will be completely giddy with excitement to share projects going on at our new home!  

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