Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Frilly Fall Fashions

I have a sickness for DownEast Basics clothing and their new fall fashions aren't helping. Even though they ran out of my would-be favorite bathing suit top, I still love their clothing line. The rich colors and light, layered fabrics are so perfect for fall. I'm ready for the seasons to change! Oh and I'm also ready for my hair style to change, what do you think of the hair style on the last model with the blue top?

Curtsy Coat
This coat might be a little too warm for the bulk of Texas winters, but it's just so dang cute!

I've always had a thing for 3/4 length coats, now I can actually use it as a winter jacket, yay! Comes in Olive too!

Grey Flower and Pearls

Intuition Top
This top would be an excellent layered piece for fall, love that neckline!

I'm also in love with her haircut, what do you think? Pin It Now!

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  1. Hi honey;
    Love the fashions, the haircut is very cute...go for it. Love you sweetie, Aunty Mikie


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