Thursday, September 10, 2009

Homemade Cards

There are two things that I really love: making pretty things and being thrifty. Ok, maybe I don't love being thrifty... but penny pinching is a must these days. The craft I did today utilizes both concepts. I just love the idea of making something especially for people that I care about.

Here's what you'll need....
Coordinating textured cardstock and scrapbooking paper
A tool to cut straight edges, I love my Cutterpede
Stickers or something decorative
Glue stick
Circular items found around the house

Step 1
Cut a piece of cardstock in half to make 2 pieces (6"x12")

Step 3 and 4
Fold into thirds, be sure to keep the texture on the outside of the folds.
With the texture facing the table, center a round object on the middle section of the cardstock.
Trace and cut out with scissors (I find it's easier to make an X in the center with an exacto knife or the blade of the Cutterpede and then use that opening to cut out the hole).

Step 5 and 6
Cut out a piece of scrapbooking paper that is larger than the hole you just cut, leaving enough room to glue onto the cardstock.
Glue onto cardstock.

Step 7
Fold over one side taking into account the location of the cutout, this is where you'll need to make the decision for whether you want your card to open side to side or up and down. The folded over side (with the peek-a-boo hole) will be the front of your card.
Glue folded side onto the back of the peek-a-boo hole to neatly hide it.

Step 8

I like to add a slightly smaller circle of plain white cardstock to make a nameplate. Then decorate it to your
heart's content!

Tip: My larger circle was made with the top of a glass, the smaller circle was made with the bottom end.

Add your own personal inscription.

Ta Da!
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  1. Sweetie, beautiful handbags, very creative your ideas. Auntie Mikie


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