Friday, March 19, 2010

Patina on terracotta pots

I've been thinking for the past 24 hours about how to turn a plain terracotta pot into an aged masterpiece of patina.  You see, my dilemma first arose while looking around at Thompson & Hanson (see photo).  A beautifully aged yet tiny pot, I mean tiny pot, cost $10.25 and the very same pot, minus the patina, cost only 75 cents.  So that would be $9.50 for mold.  FOR MOLD!  So, I've been researching how to age a perfectly new terracotta pot and have found a very simple way to do it.  

Simply, brush plain yogurt onto a pot and let it sit outside in the shade until you get the desired amount of mold.  It may attract ants and other bugs, so set it in an unused part of your yard.  Seriously people, mold is not worth $9.50. Pin It Now!


  1. genius! Have you tried it? Let us know how it works out


  2. I have not tried this and probably won't for a little while. We are planning on moving into an apartment soon and the only place for pots would be on the little patio which would leave them very open to Java. He thinks that potted plants are meant for eating.


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