Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hickory Hard Goods

Today, while reading through my Daily Reads list, I came across a fabulous guest blogger over at You Are My Fave named Liz.  Liz's blog, Say Yes to Hoboken, is such an adorable blog and I have a feeling that it will make it's way onto my Daily Reads list soon.  Needless to say, I've just spent the last half hour browsing through Liz's blog and I found this great company, Hickoree's Hard Goods.  Durable and classic items.

Perfect canvas tote for teaching, gardening, going to the beach, whatever!  $35.00

"Hoof Pick" belt.... I don't think I would be picking hooves, but this belt is gorgeous.  $60.00

 Another great bag!  $87

 Flippin' awesome print!  $425

"#44 of this editioned print now hangs in the Executive Office Building at 
1700 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC."
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