Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Coral may be a passing fad but I still think it's pretty in small doses.  Little pops of color are always refreshing and orange seems to the color of the season when it comes to home decorating.  Click on the images to see where they come from.

I love these earrings.  I may actually buy something off Etsy instead of just blogging about how much I like them.

 These are some pricey little numbers but I'm sure you could find similar frames at a local store and print off coral images.

I just want to reach out and touch these!

Gorgeous... expensive... but gorgeous.

Those accents are so pretty!  I really like the symmetry and the pops of orange.
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  1. Is this your living room? Wishful thinking? It is very pretty. Love, Auntie M

  2. HA! Yeah, I wish those pics were from my living room. If you click on the pictures, they will lead you to the sites where I found them.


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