Wednesday, February 24, 2010

And it begins....

Something has been missing in my life over the past few months, that missing piece is gardening.  I absolutely loved my little garden in Michigan and probably became too attached to some of the plants.  I even had a dream last night about going back to my garden and being absolutely heartbroken that the new owner hadn't watered anything for the whole summer.  No flowers, no hostas, no hydrangea... just dirt and twigs.  I woke up very upset.  Yeah, I became way too attached. 

It's about time to start a new garden down here in Texas.  I've been doing some research today to find where to begin this task.  Literally, I know nothing about gardening in Texas!  It's like starting from scratch all over again. 

This is the book I will need:  Neil Perry's Complete Guide to Texas Gardening

And this is the blog where I will get all my ideas:  Donald's Texas Garden

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  1. Would it be weird if I lived vicariously through your garden?

    I am still apartment-bound with nothing but three small pots to plant in. Therefore you must post often so I can get my gardening fix ;)


  2. Is it weird that I live vicariously through my old garden? No joke, I've been looking at photos from my old garden, looking at what I was doing this time of year in Michigan. I miss my plants. I seriously need some new ones to take care of.


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