Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dining Table Makeover

I got my home improvement fix this past week after a nearly half-year hiatus. I can't believe how much I missed mixing paints, digging through the tools, wandering through home improvement stores, and the many subsequent trips back to those same stores for things we forgot which then leads to the cashiers poking fun at you for coming back 3 times in one day. Yeah, it's a good time.

So here's what all that hassle and fun led to...

We started with a salvaged table top, it's sitting on top of our old ratty table in this pic.

We bought all the supplies to turn that top into a full table.
This is a prime example of things we forgot and mistakes we made. Notice that there is no actual color, just a primer and a varnish. Also, that varnish was DISGUSTING! Do not buy spar varnish for going over paint; it will turn it the color of molasses and will smell up your entire house for a week. We ended up priming and painting the whole table again and then finished with a plain old CLEAR polyurethane.

We attached the pine legs, primed and painted, flipped it over continued priming and painting.

And after a few days this is what we came out with.....

Ta-da! Now all we need to do are two more chairs so that we can finally seat six!
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