Saturday, May 23, 2009

Window flower boxes

Today my mother-in-law and I picked out flowers for my window boxes. Theme: yellow, orange, and reds. I used the same soil from last year with a little bone meal and pearlite mixed in to retain some moisture. I'm sure hoping that everything fills in nicely with one another, it should be a beautiful display.

Thank you!

Marigolds Aurora Yellow Fire and Durango Red
Gazania Daybreak Bright Orange
Salvia Farinacea Victoria White
Zinnia Star White
Sweet Potato Vine Blackie
Juncus Effusus Big Twister
Gaillardie Aristata Sunburst Scarlet Halo
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  1. Sweetie; The flowers will fill in beautifully, nice choices! Keep up the gardening, it is good a great hobby. Love you sweetie, Auntie Mikie


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