Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Morning walk

I went for a walk this morning, with Java pulling me the whole way, and took my camera to show you just how beautiful Michigan is on a sunny spring morning.

We came across a huge lilac tree at the entrance to the park, I had to get another fix.

Family of ducks in a quiet swampy area.

I love how the morning sun filters through the ferns.

The river winds through the center of the park.

Some old fallen friends.

Java's favorite thing to see, he made me take a photo.

So sweet... these little guys were all over.

Michigan's true native: the Trillium.

Maybe some sort of pitcher plant?

These guys were screeching to beat the band!

Some more lilacs on the way home.

My neighbor's poppies are about to burst!

And finally, home sweet home... I love my daffs.
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