Tuesday, May 19, 2009

25th Birthday Party

I had an absolutely wonderful birthday... possibly the biggest party I have ever had. Eighteen people showed up, pretty good turnout for a Monday evening! My aunt Anna, Uncle Roy, and I went out to breakfast at my favorite local coney island restaurant. Then, Uncle Roy, relaxed with Java while Aunt Anna and I went to walk through the MSU gardens (where Estevan and I got married). Below are a couple photos from our walk.

Later that afternoon the other guests arrived and we ate chicken spiedies with lots of sides brought by friends and family, and had rhubarb cream pie (recipe soon to come) and cake for desert. All in all, it was an absolutely fabulous 25th birthday. We sure did celebrate my first quarter-century in style.

Huge white clematis plant which was climbing over the arching trellis in the MSU gardens.

It would be hard to forget these.

Estevan didn't believe us when we told him Java would not allow us to play croquet. Look at him ready to pounce! This was the ultimate game of keep-away.

Estevan and me. I love this vintage dress, thank you Aunt San!

Tio Kevin, Titi Myrt, Aunt Cath, and Lela

Uncle Scott, Uncle Roy, Aunt Anna, and Lelo Adolfo.

My birthday cake from Estevan, so very thoughtful for a person who doesn't like cake.

Trying really hard to think of a birthday wish... nearly all of my wishes had already come true that day. I think I can guess what Java is wishing, "drop the cake, drop the cake, drop it!"
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  1. Awe honey, looks like a great birthday, one you will be sure to remember. I love your dress, such a beautiful Erica! Love, Auntie Mikie


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