Sunday, June 3, 2012

Summer has arrived...

...and I'm back to blogging again... sort of.  I'm going to make a fastidious effort to start taking pictures again and I'm giving some new technology a whirl.  First off, my old laptop bit the dust so now I'm rockin' a new MAC which I'm over the moon about!  I have owned an iPad for a few years and that has made the switch from PC to MAC so much easier for me.  I'm also now taking photos with my iPhone which I'm still a little unsure of.  Don't get me wrong, I adore my phone, but I'm not sure if the photo quality is as good as my digital camera.  Does anyone know if they make tripods for the iPhone?  Cooking photos would be much better with a tripod.

Life has been very good for us lately.  I'm still teaching kindergarten, it will be my third year this fall!  I've found some wonderful new resources such as Pinterest and TeachersPayTeachers; they are utterly indispensable to me.  I have come across some wonderful teachers from all over the US and have bought some pretty amazing materials to spice up the curriculum.  Here's a glimpse...

We also recently put in a pool, which will most likely be the mail culprit in preventing me from blogging as much as I'd like over the summer.

Anywho... let's get back to business and take a peak at what's ahead for my summer blogging.
New recipes...

pretty pictures...

and just for fun updates.
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  1. So happy to see your back!! I wondered what happened to you!
    iPhone photos are ok. If you are in good light they are pretty great. If it's a bit cloudy or you're inside with minimal light you might see some grainy-ness. Just play around with it.
    Hope you're doing well!


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