Friday, June 22, 2012

Making it right

Grass was delivered to our house 2 days ago, and not just a little grass, a whole 8 pallets of lush, green sod.  I was very impressed with the quality of sod delivered; not at all what I was expecting to see and I'm immensely pleased with it.
Instant gratification, man.  We will be watering it like crazy for 2 weeks and then sitting back to enjoy the yard we always envisioned.  This is exactly what we saw when we looked at this yard for the first time, through all the overgrown bushes and ivy, the dilapidated fences, in spite of the maze of unused flower beds and miles of stones.  This is finally the yard that we bought and dreamed of. 
Well, almost....  Hence the title of this post.
 The decking company is back out here, today.  They are power washing and redoing the top layer of the deck around the pool.  You see, the finish coat on the deck started to flake away so we called them back out to take a peek.  They decided to patch up the spots that were flaking away.  Patch.  That word alone should have told us that we were not going to be happy with the finished product.  At the end of the day, it looked like I had gone through and smeared dark concrete on top.  "Oh that should lighten up and blend right in," they told me.  Yeah right!  I'll let you know how I feel when they are done making it right today, I have my fingers crossed.

Now, for the next "Making it right" project.
This is a picture that I took a few days ago of the dry stacked retaining wall around the edge of the spa. It doesn't quite look like this anymore.  The dirt has started to wash through the gaps in the rocks and now it's just a heap of a mess with the new grass at the bottom.  Projects don't always turn out the way you hope they will but that's what learning is for.  I'm going to try to fix the problem by digging out the dirt right behind the stones and then laying in gravel to help retain it while still allowing water to flow through.  Sounds like a good plan, right?  This would have been a lot easier to do before we heaped the dirt back in, but oh well, you live and learn.  We shall see if this works. Pin It Now!

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