Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Texas house

Ok, found a few extra minutes... here's some snapshots of our Texas house.

Our entryway console, closet and living room peeking from the right. Dining room is to the left.

Our big dining room and teeny dining table. I feel change a comin'!

This pic is taken from the dining room table, looking into the kitchen and living room shining through under the cabinets. Entryway is to the right.

This pic is taken from the kitchen counter top, looking into our HUGE living room with sliding glass door out into the backyard.

Looking back toward the kitchen from the center of the living room, dining room is peeking out from under the cabinets.

Another view from the living room, looking toward the front entryway (on right) and hallway (on left) which leads to the bedrooms and baths.

Guest bathroom. Sorry, the master bath is too messy to photograph right now!
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  1. Very beautiful. Love the layout, too. Ant San

  2. Very nice home sweetie! I wish you well.
    stay safe, love, Auntie Mikie


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