Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Good tip

Ok, I know this is not a pretty topic and the pictures are far from beautiful, but this is a tip that has helped me immeasurably. Try this out the next time you make a meal that calls for ground beef, so much easier than precariously draining the meat with the pan lid and better for you than keeping all that oil in your meals.

Line a wide bowl with a layer or two of tin foil. Follow the shape of the bowl and leave extra tin foil hanging over the edges.

Place a colander over the bowl and tinfoil, then simply dump your cooked ground beef into the colander. You can let it sit there for a few minutes while you prepare other things or you can lightly press the meat along the bottom of the colander.

Lift up the colander and look at all that oil that isn't in your meal or down your sink!

Fold it up into a neat little pouch and pop it in your freezer for a tidy package that doesn't mess up your trash. So easy!

P.S. If you're making pasta in the same meal don't wash out the colander, the little bit of left over grease helps to keep your pasta from sticking.
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