Thursday, August 20, 2009

Come and visit

Get ready for a little dose of shameless, new city, come-and-visit-me, self promotion.

As you already know, I have left my cutest little house in town and have moved across the country to live in Texas. My new city is The Woodlands, not be confused with just Woodlands. This city was named perfectly! All you see as you drive down any street are trees because of the unique laws of this city. Along main roads there is a 25 foot eavesment for natural foliage, no trees can be cut down without a permit. No building can be taller than the tree line (except for one, see picture below). And the best law is that no business can advertise along the street using anything other than a small, painted, wooden sign... no more sensory overload! Although it is harder to find businesses, all these laws make for a beautiful drive no matter where you are going.

This is tallest building in The Woodlands, it holds many business offices and is right next to the highway at the entryway to the city. Makes it very easy to know where you are on the highway since you can spot it from miles away.

This is the Waterway which r
uns through the mall and business center of The Woodlands, very beautiful at night. Pin It Now!

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