Sunday, April 19, 2009

Lawn and garden work

Whew, have we ever been busy this weekend! After a few days of sunshine and warm temps we decided to do some much needed lawn and garden work. Saturday started out with raking all the old, dying grass and leftover leaves.

Next we decided to roll the lawn... it didn't do exactly what we had thought it would. Our lumpy lawn is just slightly less
lumpy now.

Java continued his rabbit hunt.

Then, on Sunday, we decided to go all out and bought 10 Emerald Beauty Arborvitaes. After searching all over for a good deal we found these for about $15 a piece from Home Depot. They are nice and small which made them considerably cheaper than any others we've been looking at.

These little guys are so cute and they work great for distracting your attention from our neighbor's yard which shows bountiful evidence of three large dogs, ewwwwww.

We were even able to fill in some of the bare spots around our growing tree roots with the grass displaced by the arborvitae. Very Dick and Jane... haha
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  1. That is quite a roller,I have never seen that lawns pretty lumpy too?

  2. Wow! That's a lot of work, I love the little bushes. Did the big roller actually do anything? (My lawn is full of lumps that I would die to get rid of...)


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