Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dog park

We finally did it, we took this smiling nut to the dog park and... drum roll please... we took him off his leash! I was having an extended anxiety attack nearly the whole time but it was all in all a success. Java stayed near us and was always on the look out for where we were, makes us feel loved. The time in the park was all going great until the very end when this rabbit-like whippet came onto the scene. Imagine this: eight dogs running at full speed after a small little gray blur scared out of it's mind. It was mob mentality and then of course our too-smart-for-its-own-good dog had to think ahead and trip the poor little dog. Everyone got out unscathed but that was the end of Java's unleashed stint. I'm hoping that he will get more obedient after a few more months of regular visits to the dog park... treats in hand, of course. Pin It Now!

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