Thursday, April 30, 2009

Garden update

Holy smokes am I beat! This past weekend, I dug out a bunch of hostas from my father-in-law's place (thank you!) and potted them up. Yesterday, I planted some tiger lillies on the side of my garage (thank you Auntie!) and will soon plant the hostas with them once I know what kinds they are. Finally, today I went to Horrocks Farm Market and picked up a ton of perennials for my little garden. Once I got home it started raining cats and dogs but I was able to plant everything in the lulls of the rain. All in all, it was a very productive afternoon!

Check out my Globemaster Allium. I saw some very pitiful looking alliums at Horrocks; their leave were half the size and had very small stalks with almost-about-to-open buds. I feel so proud of my monstrousities! In the bottom right you can see my new 'Bonfire' Cushion Spurge and my very leafy Limelight Hydrangea in the bottom left.

Here's my list of perrenials, pictures will come soon when the weather is nicer.
  • 3 Cushion spurge (1 of them 'Bonfire')
  • 2 Delphinium 'Magic Fountains, Cherry Blossom'
  • 1 Delphinium 'Magic Fountains, Dark Blue'
  • 1 Delphinium 'Magic Fountains, White/Dark Bee'
  • 2 Carpathian Harebell 'White Clips'
  • 2 Gargan Bellflower 'Dickson's Gold'
  • 3 Thrift 'Alba'
  • 2 Mallow
  • 1 Foxglove 'Camelot Rose'
  • 1 Foxglove 'Excelsior Hybrid'
  • Bunch of Creeping Flox 'Candy Stripe'
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  1. Hi Sweetie;
    You have been busy. Your gardens should be beautiful, will await photos of your labor of love! Love you sweetie, Auntie Mikie


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