Friday, February 27, 2009

New Buds

Slowly but surely my little garden is coming back to life. The irises shown to the right seem to have survived their late-season transplant from my Mother-in-law's garden. I'm looking forward to seeing them because I never actually saw them in bloom over at her house.

I believe that these are tulip buds... seem to be the right location and right color for the buds anyway. They never really came up properly last year, too crowded and lots of old nasty bulbs. I dug them out this past summer and put them away in my garage. Hopefully a replanting with some nice blood meal will do the trick. Maybe this year I won't have to travel all the way to Iowa to have a tulip festival! I love my Dutch roots.

And these little jems are my "King of the Striped" Crocus. I hope they look as cute as the picture did on the box! Pin It Now!


  1. WOAH--- I can't believe yours are coming in already. You have inspired me to go check out my flower beds in the back yard. I love tulips, they are my favorite- I have mostly white and pink sprinkled thru-out. How long do the bulbs last- will I need to plant them again in a few years? I planted these two years ago and they have flowered both years.

  2. Charity,
    I decided to dig out all of my bulbs because they were planted by the previous owner and had begun to get really crowded. I only found this out because I had just begun to actually garden here last summer and found huge clumps of bulbs (a disproportionate amount to the number of flowers I saw). Seriously, there were at least a hundred bulbs in this little space! I will continue each year to dig them out because the bed is raised and in full sun; the bulbs will literally shrivel from the heat. The dig out was also helpful because it left me room to plant some other flowers without risking spearing the bulbs with my trowel. Hope that helps!


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