Friday, February 20, 2009

Kitchen makeover

I walked into my kitchen today and had to take a picture of it with the light coming in and my beautiful flowers (still holding up well!). My husband and I (and Father-in-law) have put so much work into re-doing our house and the kitchen is the best part. We took down wallpaper, re-did the flooring, painted the walls and ceiling, put in new corian counters and sink, new light fixtures, new cabinet pulls, new fridge, new stove, new dishwasher, and new window treatments. WOW! I never realized until now just how exhausted I am.

The countertops look superb, I'm so thankful that we could have them done for free thanks to my Father-in-law. Thank you!

Java would like you to notice the collage of "Java" artwork next to the back door.

This picture gives you just a little hint at what we had to work with. Apples in the kitchen is normally a good thing, but these apples made me want to puke! Pin It Now!

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