Monday, February 23, 2009

Decorating with grass blades

Nothing says "Springtime" to me like fresh grass. These are ideas for using grass to decorate for Easter which I found at various sites.

Cute little place card holder using new grass blades and a personalized blown egg.

These placemats were made by hammering grass blades into a crisp linen placemat. Grass stains can sometimes be very beautiful.

Light colored pillar candles are used here as the perfect backdrop for lovely fresh grass blades. A nonflammable all-purpose glue is used to adhere each individual blade to the candles.

This idea doesn't use grass blades but I couldn't help myself. Too cute! Simply cut out egg shapes from white cardstock and decorate with brightly colored paper. You could cut out grass shaped pieces of paper and affix to cardstock cutouts to continue with the grass theme. Pin It Now!

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