Thursday, January 21, 2010

Storage Ideas

Within the last few weeks, after our house was filled with guests for Christmas, we have decided to downsize our home. We moved from a lovely 3 bedroom home in Michigan and into a much bigger 3 bedroom home in Texas. We thought that we would be able to fill it up nicely like we did before but apparently we completely underestimated the amount of purging that we did. Now we are stuck in a house with one bedroom completely empty besides one lone desk. Since this is a huge waste of space and money we are now seriously considering moving into a 2 bedroom apartment with attached garage just north of The Woodlands. However, with a move like this (from house to apartment) I will need to consider how items are stored in order to maximize the space. And who else to turn to besides Martha?! Here are some amazing storage ideas from non-other than the queen herself.

We have two oak chests that are not being used to their fullest potential and I think I just found the perfect idea for them. All you have to do is purchase an adjustable hanging file-folder frame for the files in the bottom. Then add two pieces of molding to either side of the trunk to hold up the organizer tray. The organizer tray is made up of many different sized wooden boxes glued together and painted to match. SO SIMPLE!

Find full directions here.

This closet is amazing! Every detail is so well thought out. I just can't even stand it that my closet has piles of purses, shoes, and umbrellas lying on the floor.

Oh wow, where has this idea been hidden all these years?! When we moved from Michigan I had piles and piles of paint cans that had the most piddly amount of paint in each. I will definitely keep this handy idea in mind the next time we paint rooms!

Don't even get me started on how I need to organize my craft supplies. Project supplies are stuffed into a cardboard box, scrapbooking things are piled up in the corner of our bedroom, pencils and markers are God only knows where! This tidy little cabinet is exactly what I need... only minus the chintzy curtain. Pin It Now!

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