Sunday, January 24, 2010


Life is an interesting experience, sometimes you just have to sit down and take prospective.

Estevan and I have had some exciting turns in our life over the last few months and I am very thankful for all of them. The very first turn was our trip to Texas where Estevan interviewed and was offered a new job; on that very same trip we received an offer for our home which we very quickly negotiated to our selling price. Our home was on the market for 4 weeks and we sold it without having to pay the bank. That, in itself, is a miracle in Michigan.

Next, we moved and got settled into a beautiful city that has every amenity that we could ever have dreamed. In that same city, I have found my niche as a substitute teacher. The friends I have made in each school are the most amazing people and are willing to go above and beyond to help me find a permanent position. Just the other day I received a letter of recommendation from the entire first grade team at one of the schools. I'm so proud of what they had to say that I just have to share an excerpt.....

"Erica is an exceptional teacher. She’s a 'natural' when it comes to interacting with young children. She possesses and demonstrates strong classroom management skills. She conducts herself as a seasoned teacher when dealing with behavior problems and academic needs. Erica has a calm, but firm, manner when engaging with students. Naturally, they respect her and trust her."

Their letter still makes me a little choked up when I think about how much they mean to me and vice versa. I'm blessed to have found such truly wonderful people here in Texas. It occurred to me last night that I'm trying to find a teaching position in a school district where it's about who you know... and I know a lot of people! The very next turn will be finding an open position and 'wowing' their socks off in an interview.

That next turn in our life is coming upon us very quickly and it's looking good. Most of the foot work has been done; me resume is ready, my portfolio is full, my experiences are plentiful, and my connections are speaking highly of me. It's time to sit back and wait for what life has in store. Pin It Now!


  1. Hi Sweetie; Lovely post. I am not surprised by the kind words, and I understand the importance of the same. It is always good to see positive on paper. I will pray that things will work out for you to get a full time job. Love, Auntie Mikie

  2. Being a great substitute teacher touched many more lives than just one classroom ... Way To Go. Ant San


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