Sunday, August 1, 2010

Classroom ideas

Please pardon my absence, my mind has been very far away from making a cute little house and has instead been intent on making a cute little classroom.  I can hardly believe how many followers I've gained since my off and on hiatus began!  I just sat down for the first time in weeks to peruse through blogland, looking for ideas to share with all my new followers and was completely stumped still.  I could share recipes which I haven't tried (nah), I could show you skirts I'm infatuated with (boring), I could even share photos of drool worthy jewelry (been there, done that).  But, truly, this blog is about what I'm in love with NOW and can't stop thinking about, it's about my passions.  So..... I've decided to share with youwhat has really been on my mind.  MY NEW CLASSROOM!

I'm going to warn you now, this blog may take on a whole different feel.  What I really feel like sharing with the world is my passion for fourth grade and all that elementary school ensues.  However, I'm still very hopeful for being able to cook the occasional new dish which I, of course, will share with you!  Not to mention, my new career will make home ownership possible once again for my husband and I.  So stay tuned!

Here are two picks of my newest wave of inspiration for my math and science classroom.... I'm thinking GO GREEN.   This idea unabashedly comes directly from my alma mater, the kids in Texas are just going to have to deal.

I love the look of this large-scale tree idea which is made out of paper, found here.  Wouldn't it be fun to change out the leaves with the seasons?  Every student can make their own leaf/flower for the tree.
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  1. Hi Erica. I saw the tree and I think its awesome. I was searching for ideas for my girls to make a library for them in the basement and I wanted to make a park like setting.
    I really liked the tree.
    However, I can't figure out how you made it, specially the trunk? what did you use to make the trunk? my email is
    let me know....

  2. instructions on the trunk?

  3. I did not make this tree, it is not a photo from my classroom. Please follow the link posted right after this photo to see more details from the original poster. This post was simply "Ideas" for my classroom.


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