Friday, October 23, 2009

This is what teaching is all about: FUN

So I put my noggin to work last night and came up with a costume to wear to the Storybook Parade at school today.

These were my conditions:
  1. Had to be a character from a book that I already owned.
  2. Quick and relatively simple to make.
  3. Use only materials that I had at my home.
  4. And exciting for the kids.

Using all those conditions I quickly crossed off Doctor Suess characters because I have no feathers or funky wigs. No Chicken Little because I own no red babooshka. No Max because I have no wolf costume or crown... and definitely no Wild Thing for obvious reasons.

So it all came down to some green construction paper, a little ribbon, a brown sweater, sharpie markers, and an apple shaped stress ball (thank you Titi!). And Voila, I present to you The Giving Tree!

I spent some time cutting out green construction paper leaves, attched them to a length of ribbon which I then wound around my hair and also to some bangels which I wore on my wrists. I scavanged that brown sweater from Estevan's closet (which I'm pretty sure was bought some time in the early 90s) and "carved" out the inscription so lovingly remembered in the book.

The kids absolutely loved the costume and the parents did as well. I'm positive that the principal will remember me as being the sub who went all out and had a blast! Being remembered is an assett to me in this time of subbing. Pin It Now!

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  1. Honey;
    You look so beautiful!!!!! Good job. Love, Auntie Mikie


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