Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Accent chairs

With the possibility of moving on the horizon, I'm beginning to dream about new furniture for a bigger home... oh heck, who am I kidding... I've always been dreaming about new furniture for a bigger home. A few years ago we purchased some very cute chairs from Target and they have proven to be very good for the price. The only down side to these chairs is that they are upholstered in a very light colored ultra-suede. No matter what the sales people tell you, IT IS NOT EASY TO CLEAN! Every time I clean them the suede material gets super hard and flat, not soft and velvety for many weeks afterward. Other than the fabric, though, they have been very good chairs and I would consider buying more chairs from Target again until our budgets get bigger.

Check out these chairs, such pretty designs and interesting upholstery... perfect for an accent piece in any room.

So this chair from Pottery Barn may not be as budget friendly as the others but I couldn't help it. I especially love this chair in this swatch of fabric. So bright and cheery!

  1. Gerber Upholstered Chair - Cherry
  2. Polly Upholstered Chair - Aegean
  3. Canary Print Upholstered Chair - Orange
  4. Athens Upholstered Chair - Cinnabar
  5. Brooks Upholstered Chair
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